Sunday, December 28, 2008

Freestyle Saturday - Beat Boxing

I got to make a post about what went down last night. I met up with Josh and Ryan at a The Gunpoets show at Castaways. There were three acts, a nervous white rapper with a good voice, a solid black rapper who sampled and shouted out everything from Stevie Wonder to Mortal Kombat, and The Gunpoets. I didn't see the headliners because I was out side, where the real talent was.

I met a fancy-dressed guy who called himself Beat Dweller. I was a little drunk and I started beat boxing and he started freestyling. He was good. He was a weird dude, kinda looked like the guy from Jamiroquai , but he rapped tight and had a great voice. Before I knew it, there were five other rappers freestyling while I kept the beat, guys named stuff like Duce Wayne. I took the name Beat Police, after an animated skit I thought up in the shower before the show. It was awesome. I we threw down for the entire headliner's set, and from what I heard we didn't miss much. Really buff tattooed white guy rapping, I don't know about that. Anyway, it was awesome. It's nice to know that people respect my beatboxing, enough to holler at their friends to come spit. Josh even got down with my on the beat towards the end, it was good too because my throat was starting to get tired. Beat Dweller's boy filmed some of the freestyles, I'm going to try and get the footage from him.

Anyway, it was awesome. Totally what I wanted from the show, and it's nice to hear some of the local flavor. It was also reasuring to know I could hold my own in a cypher, not only my own but the backs of anyone willing to rhyme. We even got some cool hippie girl in the mix. Totally awesome.

I didn't proofread this post.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


On Black Friday this year I got a pair of Asic running shoes, and they are the shit. There's some bubbly crap in the heels that makes running so much more comfortable. I talked to my sister a bit about running form.

Today I ran about 10 blocks. 3 blocks straight, last time I tried to run I could only do 2. Two weeks ago, I could barely do 1. Progress!

I was stressing out about some things and drinking Maté. I noticed it stopped raining and I just got dressed and went for a run. As soon as I got going everything just blew away. All I could think about was my body. Ah catharsis.

Now my body is sore as shit. I guess i didn't stretch enough or just not used to it, because i can barly walk around. It's pretty rad I guess, cause it means I'm gonna be huge. hoo ray.

kind of lost my focus while writing. I'm going to go work on the Moving Box Facebook Group

I did not proofread this post.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I recently reconnected with an old friend on the internet, and it's so awesome. There's a remote, emotional connection there that is really giving my strength in a time I desperately need it. God bless The Facebook.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Alright, so I'm a big lady, and I love black friday. Today my Mom and I got up at 7:00AM and went to the mall in Emily's town in hartford, CT. It was not crazy (stores opened as early as 4:00AM!). It was fun, it wasn't super competitive but I got a $100 cookware for about $30, and 75% a sweater at J Crew. At about 11:00AM it started getting crazy and we left, getting lunch at a diner and taking my car to the shop. To my horror I find that it'll take $500 to fix the exaust system in my car, which has rotted out and become very loud and terrible. Driving down to Hartford was like riding in a leaf-blower. Anywhat, we got it fixed and I got some body pillows for our livingroom and running shoes (finally!) so things are good.

I miss my kitty TWEENIES!!!

Now we're watching "Love Actually", my mom, sister, Casey and big nerd brother on the computer device.

I didn't proofread this post.


I have trouble feeling secure when I'm by myself. I believe this has contributed to a lot of the social turmoil I've been dealing with lately. to I'm stating here, publicly, on the blag-o-tubes, that I'm going to actively start working on this. It will make me more awesome, and require less of the people around me.
Thanks to those who've helped me identify this.

Had a talk with Alex on the phone about the whole breakup and situation surrounded it. It was actually a good, I've kind of been holding my side of the story in, out of respect or whatever virtue I was using as an excuse from dealing with it. I guess I just didn't want to stirr up drama, turns out I was sturring up myself but not getting it out. But turns out Alex and I still have rapport enough to talk and get this stuff out. To be honest, I was a bit resentful that after the breakup Alex and Amalia were talking and I wasn't talking to either of them. But I feel a release right now that I haven't felt since the break-up.

I want to communicate with Amalia again, I'm not happy having her omitted from my life. When the time comes, I think it will happen. Now that I'm sure it's what I want, I am that much more certain that it will happen.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Okay, I need to vent. I'm not sure why I chose a public medium to do so but I'm going to put myself out there. I'm going to put my concerns into an itemized list so I can stop fretting them for the time being.

I am being repeatedly disrespected at work by one person in particular.
Said person has been late four cumulative hours this week (it's tuesday).
I am trying to help that person grow, but it is proving very difficult for me. It feels like by trying to help them, the worst parts come out against me. (A wise man once described that as "the demons fighting back")
Last week I considered them my best friend. I cannot say that with confidence anymore. I do not feel like I have a best friend. Not to be emo-boo-hoo about it, but if you asked me who my best friend is, i wouldn't have an answer. actually, probably Tween.
The lone ray of light in the cold December of my days - Futurama

I have a very low tolerance for bullshit at the moment. Could be coupled from the large amount of BS i put up in my previous relationship. I think this may be contributing to conflicts, but with all the strength in me I can't seem to put up with it anymore. It seems that the only way to deal with some of this problems is to ignore them or address them. And even the simplest of issues (like being late) triggers an avalanche of excuses and rationalizations.
When I think of this person, the word that comes to mind is "despicable". It's harsh. It is not with the person them self; it's the behavior that's running on autopilot. Disrespectful, immature, dirty, escapist way of dealing with potential problems. I say potential because with a little restraint they're wouldn't even BE problems. I feel tapped so thin right now, and I'm not seeing any improvement. It's discouraging. All I notice are calls for affirmation.

I learned the proper use of a semicolon today; they're quite useful.

kay, I feel a little better. I am still pretty upset, but I think I'm going to head over to Dorreen's hosue to watch a movie with some people. I'm going to bring Tween and attempt to socialize her with other kitties. I'm also going to get a bottle of win, cause I want to drink wine tonight.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Written drunk on 11/15/08

Yesterday was a heavy day. I got into a drunken brawl, kind of fucked up. Never been in a situation like that. I don't even think I got hit, Dave had my back in a very serious way. I'm grateful for him, and grateful for whatever luck or force that helped me not get my face knocked in. Kyle got a bloody nose, he was stepping the hardest but still, I like him so it was so strange to see. I think Julia thinks even less of me now, which is so shitty, because I had hoped to build repoire with her and will last night. It's so interesting in my experience, the slightest amount of participation in bullshit results in a bunch of bullshit. If i was a less sensitive person perhaps i wouldn't notice, but I value my sensitivity as a gift, so let a lesson be learned: Don't Do Shitty Things.

I believe that facing the consequences of my actions, while difficult and painful, is a good way to handle it. I've contacted Julia and Will, Kyle and Mike somewhat explaining myself. Kyle came out and apologized, which was very nice. He and I seem to be on the same wavelength, as how fucked up it was. Will hasn't responded, I guess i didn't expect him to. I sent him a message ( finally ), with some explanation and giving him and julia my blessings. I think he is an awesome dude, and if he can be committed to Julia even as openly flirty as she can be, well he is a stronger man than I. I truly hope I can still be friends with Julia and Will. I've done what I believe I can, so I can only hope they forgive me for the bullshit. I know that I was neither the instigator or the most involved, but a sin is a sin no matter the size. I suppose that is the true lesson. I've learned this before when my car got keyed, and now in a new contact. I hope that it sticks this time.

I had a heart to heart with Dave, I think it did him a world of good. It did make me feel better. Perhaps if I didn't, he wouldn't have come to the party and the situation would have been different, but I'd like to believe that this whole thing was just some growing pains.

I also had a heart-to-heart with Alex. I can tell Amalia is still spewing venom, but if she wasn't than she wouldn't be herself. That is also a result of my actions, so I must deal with it. He basically told me what I should do with my life, explained to me his social value # scale, let me vent a little about Amalia, which I had wanted to do for some time. It's strange how bad these things make me feel, but like ripping off a band-aid I think in the long run it will be helpful. Oh, about the social value scale. He described #s 6-9. he said I used to be a 7, confrontation and knocking other people down. I used to do that, he pointed out. But what I found funny is that the way he described a #9 is how I feel I truly am, and that #7 behavior was youth coupled with an inflated ego. i know I am a valuable person, and I may not be able to pick up bitches at a bar but I am doing what I believe is right and i know it will pay off. I regret the affect my actions had on others last night, but I do not regret the actions myself. I believe that it has taught me an important lesson I had not retained, and hope it sticks this time. I want to do good. I believe that these painful reminders are mandatory in shaping a decent human being. There can be no light without dark, blah de blah. I guess I'm thankful that this bullshit went down with Perl, and not someone more valuable to me. I do like him, and do not resent him,but if there was ever someone who would be involved in this kind of BS, I suppose he would be the best choice of anyone I know. The results of it on Julia , Will, and Wright I do regret, and If they never want to speak with me again I would be very upset. But I think this will blow over, it's some drunken bullshit and no one is confused about that.

I believe that by facing the result of my actions rather than shying away will make me a better person. I am thankful for my nature to push me in this direction, and I sincerely hope that I grow to be a good man I desire to be. Something within me is reassuring me as I write this, so I'll take it as a good sign. The world is what you make it, and I wanted to make it better.

Wright seems to be growing up, he's looking less boy-ish and seemed cooler in social situations. I don't know his feelings about me or Moving Box, but perhaps when Liz leaves for L.A. i may see him. I will not press this. It is his choice.

It was Alex's idea to start writing this heavy stuff down. It really has helped, I'm surprised how much it flows. Kinda makes me wish I had a blog, but it'd probably be so emo no one would want to read it. So i'll save this in my documents folder. This is track 14, "Attitude" - The Late Mitch Hedburg

I Cleaned So Much

I cleaned so much today that I made a blog. I will post photos when I'm done.